To help you get to know the story of the stolen children during the Second World War, we have prepared the following materials for you:

These materials are intended for teachers and trainers who would like to work with them, as well as for interested members of the public in general.

Mummy said, “Come on, we’re going to see Daddy”. So we went. And we came to a barren open space, and I kept on asking, “Where’s Daddy?”. And she said, “There. In his grave”. It was beyond my comprehension.

Václav Zelenka, one of the handful of children from Lidice who were left alive with the intention that they be Germanized, on being reunited with his mother, who had survived the women’s camp in Ravensbrück, and the first visit to the place where, until June 1942, his home village, Lidice, had been