UPROOTED Learning Cards Set

This set of cards is intended to be used in history or civic education lessons, or in non-formal education settings.

In these activity plans, you will find instructions how to apply them in class: Uprooted Learning Cards Set – activity plans (PDF, 124.4 KB)

It is advised that educators supplement the cards with local (history) examples of similar violations of children’s rights.

For the on-site use, we recommend printing the cards. Download the file here: Uprooted Learning Cards Set (PDF, 5.5 MB)

For the digital use, you may use the digital cards on this website. The digital cards may also be interesting for anybody who want to learn more on the subject of stolen children.

The UPROOTED Learning Cards Set consists of stories divided into six categories:

To overgeneralize slightly, there are often two extremes: children are either overlooked, neglected and not regarded as a fully valued part of society. Or they are given exaggerated significance and subject to instrumentalization by states. We need to learn to be aware of this and to respond sensitively.

Nina Lüders, Executive Director of the Kreisau-Initiative e. V., on the significance of children’s rights today