Books, movies, music, art inspired by the history of stolen children

  • STOLEN CHILDREN the Kidnapping Campaign

    STOLEN CHILDREN: the Kidnapping Campaign of Nazi Germany

    This documentary film recounts three personal stories of abducted and “Germanized” children.


    STOLEN GIRL by Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch

    Inspired by true events that happened to her family (see below), Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch, an award-winning Ukrainian-Canadian children’s writer, delivers a story of one girl’s determination to uncover her truth – the novel follows a Ukrainian girl who was kidnapped as a child to be raised by a Nazi family.

  • My Child Lebensborn

    My Child Lebensborn

    “My Child Lebensborn”, developed in Norway by Teknopilot, is “a story-driven simulation game letting you experience the fates of Children Born of War. Take care of Karin or Klaus and manage the day to day tasks while helping them through the challenges of living in a hostile and abusive society. The game is based on true events”.

  • Lebensborn movies

    “Lebensborn” movies

    World War II and topics relating to controversial Nazi ideas have inspired many filmmakers. Here is one example of a feature film which revolves around the Lebensborn programme.

  • A rehomed child from Poland, Kostja Pablowitsch Harelek is pictured being inspected by SS chief Heinrich Himmler

    “Stolen Children, Forgotten Victims” Exhibition

    “One of the worst crimes people do to people is when you steal their children. Parents and children are left with mental wounds that never heal again. The Nazis committed this crime tens of thousands of times during their ‘raids’ through Europe.”