The following podcasts include interviews with experts from German, Poland and the Czech Republic which give further consideration to the theme of the stolen children.

Forgotten Victims: Stolen Children during the Time of National Socialism – An Interview with Dr Dorothee Schmitz-Köster

A conversation with Dr Dorothee Schmitz-Köster, journalist and author, who has been researching the Lebensborn programme since 1995. We discuss how this matter has been dealt with in retrospect and how it is seen by politicians and the general public, as well as what it means for the lives of those who were directly affected.

Children from Lidice Vaška z Lidic chtěli převychovat v německých dětských domovech, ale nakonec ho doživotně zmrzačili

A conversation with the historian Michal Šmíd, including extracts from the testimony of three eyewitnesses. Available on Spotify and other podcast platforms as well as in the archive of the Czech public radio broadcaster Český rozhlas

The Story of Alena Staňková

Alena Staňková was a child from Svatobořice. The story of her life is told in the podcast.

The Concentration Camp for Children on Przemysłowa Street. Concerning the Only German Children’s Concentration Camp in Poland

A conversation with Michał Hankiewicz, Head of the Department of Education in Muzeum Dzieci Polskich – Ofiar Totalitaryzmu (The Museum of Polish Children – Victims of Totalitarianism), about the history of the concentration camp for children on Przemysłowa Street in Łódź.

“Reaching Older People in Germany in Particular”. About the Background to the German-Polish Media Campaign “Zrabowane Dzieci / Geraubte Kinder”

A conversation with Ewelina Karpińska Morek, a former journalist and one of the reporters who worked on the “Zrabowane dzieci / Geraubte Kinder” campaign under the auspices of Interia and Deutsche Welle. She talks about the work of the Polish and German journalists who researched the stories of the children who were abducted by the Nazis, the accounts of those affected and the background of efforts to secure reparations.

Historians and Their Social Responsibility for the Subjects of Their Research. Are Reparations for Stolen Children Possible?

A conversation with Professor Krzysztof Ruchniewicz, a Polish historian and Germany researcher, about the presence of the history of the stolen children in research and the media, the social responsibility historians bear in relation to their work and the regulations that exist to ensure reparations for the victims of National Socialism.

Lebensborn and the Post-war Fate of the Children Who Had Been Abducted by the Nazis

A conversation with Anna Malinowska, journalist and author of the book Brunatna kołysanka. Historie uprowadzonych dzieci (lit. “A Brown Nursery Rhyme. Stories of Abducted Children”), about the Nazi search for “good blood”, the lives of abducted children whose identities and families had been taken from them, and the challenging work of the reporter who collects victim testimonies.

Aryan theory, Lebensborn and Germanization on the territories of modern Ukraine

A conversation with Serhii Stelnykovych, a professor of the Department of Ukrainian History at Ivan Franko Zhytomyr State University and a researcher of the history of Ukraine during the Second World War, about the Aryan theory, Lebensborn and Germanization on the territories of modern Ukraine.